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Now Available, the SharpX Pencil Sharpener line features a range of modern choices and smart features, like the receptacle full indicator, helping everyone in your office make the perfect point.

X-ACTO® hardened steel helical cutter

10 year warranty

Patented X-ACTO® fly-away cutter system: stops sharpening when pencil is sharp

Multiple-size pencil selector with positions for standard, beginner and triangular pencils

Receptacle full LED indicator light alerts the user when it is time to empty the pencil shavings

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With an emphasis on quiet reliability, the X-Acto SchoolPro includes a powerful yet quiet motor to avoid disturbing the working environment!

X-ACTO pencil sharpener has an extra-long blade life for heavy usage in classroom settings & patented fly-away cutter system that prevents over-sharpening. 

Suction cup feet greatly improve stability, and the sharpener will not draw any electricity when not in use - minimizing the risk of electrical hazard!

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